Local Resources

With our new move to Illinois we will be updating this with list of local resources. Please check back for new info and for now, head over to see Dr. Alex over at Princeton Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic care:

Dr. Alex - Princeton Chiropractic Care

FAMILY chiropractor including children and pregnant people.

222 N Main St, Princeton
Illinois, 61356-1727


Milk & Moon Lactation Counseling

  • Latch Observations and Guidance

  • Weighted Feeds

  • Pre & Postnatal Support Packages

  • Equipment and Infant Feeding Method Assistance

  • Flange Fittings & Breast Pump Education

  • Symphony 2.0 PLUS Rental

  • Support for Families of Oversupply, Low Milk Production and Relactation.

  • Support through Introducing Solids, Teething, Returning to Work, and Weaning!